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Everyone knows that it’s essential to hire a professional wedding photographer to take stunning daytime wedding pictures. With the perfect background, perfect lighting and perfect posing with friends and family.

However, this post is entirely dedicated to the infamous nighttime wedding pictures. Over the past years a clear trend arose which allows your wedding guests to take their own wedding pictures at the after party. Which basically means that you’re killing multiple birds with one stone. Because one, it auto-entertains your wedding guests, two, they get to bring home great memories to stick on their refrigerator and, three, you will have an excellent collection of crazy pictures from your guests.

There are several ways to achieve the above. The most popular option would be to hire a photo booth. There’s different models of booths. You can choose an old fashioned one, with a stool inside and a little curtain against the flash. Or you can hire the modern computerized version with touch screen. Either way, it’s a guaranteed hit. There are tons of funny props that you can leave next to the booth on a table. Think goofy (sun)glasses, party hats, masks and funny moustaches. Grab a prop and strike a pose!

Another option would be to leave a bunch of polaroid camera’s scattered around the wedding party or hand out disposable camera’s. Of course the latter excludes the immediate effect of laughing at the crazy pictures you just took.

Then there’s the huge photo frame in the room option which will definitely encourage people to work the camera or the classic cardboard stand with holes for people to stick their heads through. You could get totally creative or keep it simple and go for a cut-out bride and groom.

Lastly, if you would really like your wedding guests to keep themselves busy, simply create a photo set and dress up corner with loads of funny outfits, props and accessories.


Get creative and your guests will love it! After all your wedding is one day and your wedding pictures will keep the memories forever! Here is an interesting article with 51 must-have wedding pictures, enjoy!: