Wedding Guest Book

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Right ok. So we’re all familiar with the wedding guest book. It’s that heavy looking book positioned somewhere prominent at the wedding reception. The guest book is to be filled with your wedding guests’ well wishes of happiness and endless joy. Some of your guests might jump right on the ball pen and start scribbling away. Others (most) try to avoid the wedding guest book as long as they can. They might finally (when the pressure is really on) manage to squeeze out a sentence or two. Therefore, I decided to dedicate a post to some fun guest book alternatives.

#1 The Art Piece

Lay down a massive white canvas on a table and provide a sufficient selection of colorful markers, glitters, crayons and paint. Leave the creative side of your wedding guests to bloom. It’s a guaranteed hit, I promise.

#2 The Video Message

One option is for a video camera to go from hand to hand. However, that will probably leave you with lots of hustle and bustle and very few actual messages from the heart. Instead, build a little video booth where people can take a moment to think about their message and then record it themselves. At the end of the day you will have an amazing collection of messages from all your dearest.

#3 The Photo Album

People are always up for striking a pose. Leave a Polaroid camera on a table together with a wedding guest book, a glue stick and some markers for people who would like to write a caption with their picture.

#4 The Bottle

Put a couple of bottles of your favorite champagne or wine on a table together with a bunch of white, silver and golden markers. Your wedding guests get to sign the bottles that you will open and enjoy on special occasions or for example when you celebrate your wedding anniversaries.

#5 The Game

Have your wedding guests sign individual Jenga blocks so that you can put together your own custom Jenga set of well wishes. This way you’ll be reminded of all the amazing sentiments your guests shared on your wedding day every time you play the game (and don’t we all). Make sure to leave the right kind of ballpoint pen so that the ink dries properly onto the wooden blocks.

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