Barcelona - Catalunya

Picture this: It’s sunny with a bright blue sky, a soft breeze, the azure Mediterranean. You’re standing at one of the Costa Brava’s beautiful beaches, surrounded by your loved ones; ready to say I do. Or maybe at a romantic villa in the mountains or an elegant castle in the countryside. Perhaps inside of an impressive Gothic cathedral right in the heart of the capital city of Barcelona.

Whether by day or night, exactly this is what makes Catalonia a unique region. Located in the north-east corner of Spain, it offers an endless variety of perfect wedding venues and settings. From vineyards, national parks and historical gardens to luxury hotels with mesmerizing views over the Barcelona skyline and the sea. Besides, with a temperate climate and sun almost all year round, there is no need to worry about the weather. In addition, Catalans love their gastronomy.

This, together with the influence of cosmopolitan Barcelona forms a great mix of mind blowing local and international food and wines.
In short: Catalonia breaths culture, charm and romance and undoubtedly this is exactly where you will find your ideal wedding location.