Sahar & Ali

Words can’t express how grateful we are and how lucky we were to have met you! We could have wrote forever but wanted to keep it short and to the point 🙂 

Ali and I knew instantly upon landing in Barcelona that we wanted to get married in this beautiful city; however we didn’t know anyone there and beyond touristy activities, we were clueless. 
So when we first came across Karolina & Isabel, we weren’t quite sure how to assess them; but within minutes of talking to them, we knew deep down that the girls were going to put everything they had into giving us our fairy tale wedding. 

We clicked instantly and beyond honesty and integrity, I actually felt that they understood exactly the picture I had in my mind. 
In the 9 months running up to the wedding day, we really worked as a team and I really felt that they were as invested in the wedding as we were. 

By the time the wedding day had arrived, they had long ago turned into my friends rather than my planners so it was almost sad for me not to have them sitting amongst the guests. Of course, they were running off their feet, making sure I didn’t have to think about a thing. 

The important aspects of the wedding went beautifully and the inevitable hiccups were handled so smoothly that I didn’t even notice. 
We are so grateful to the girls for going beyond duty to make our big day PERFECT!

The girls have promised to visit us in Dubai and we can’t wait to see them again 

Sahar & Ali (Dubai/Iran)